P. Flanigan & Son’s Longest Tenured Employee

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

With over 125 years in the construction industry, P. Flanigan & Sons is proud to have team members that serve the company over several decades. The knowledge and experience of employees who have been with the company for many years is an irreplaceable asset that contributes to the success of our organization.

Salvatore (Sammy) Prete has been employed with Flanigan since June of 1969, making him the longest-tenured employee to date.

A Baltimore native, Sammy is a husband and father of two. He lives in Baltimore City and therefore much of the infrastructure he has worked to construct or repair is a part of his everyday life.

A part of the Flanigan team for more than 40 years, an interview with Sammy Prete shed light on growth and changes within the company over the past four decades:

How did you hear about a potential position at Flanigan?
SP: “My wife’s father worked here as a grader operator. I told him I needed to make extra money, and he got me the part time job here.”

What was your first position within Flanigan?
SP: “When I started here, I worked on the grading crew on a City project on Moravia Road. Then I worked for a surveyor, Carroll Smith. The first job I did with him was Cold Spring Lane between Falls Road and Roland Avenue.”

What is your current position?
SP: “I became a foreman after a concrete foreman got sick on the Franklin Street Project. They asked me to step in while he was out and we did exceptionally well on the project, so they asked me to be a foreman. I have been one ever since. Now I mainly do excavating, grading and MOT work for the company.”

You have worked here during three generations of Presidents. What was Pierce J. Flanigan, Jr. like to work for?
SP: “He was very direct and a well-liked man. He could meet you one day, and not see you for six months, and he would still remember your name.”

Pierce J. Flanigan, III took over in 1980. What can you tell us about him?
SP: “He was a very fair and honest person. [If] you ever had a problem, you could take it to him and it would be resolved. Whether it was personal or company related, he would help you.”

Pierce J. Flanigan, IV has been the president since 2008. What has your experience with him been like so far?
SP: “I have been very impressed; he is following right in his Dad’s footsteps. He is very loyal to his employees and continues to try to help this company grow.”

What is the biggest change you have seen throughout your years with this organization?
SP: “The biggest change I’ve seen in four decades is the way we do things 20 years ago [versus] now. We have better equipment, there is more knowledge, and we have a larger group of people to work with. Back then we only had 7 or 8 crews.”

What is the most memorable job you worked on at Flanigan?
SP: “I would have to say the Fuel Farm at BWI Airport. I worked in the concrete plant when we had it there. It was in the early 70’s. It was my favorite because I learned a lot on that job; I learned how concrete was made and I learned how to put it in place.”

Who has been particularly pleasant or easy to work with during your time here?
SP: “Richard Sanner is a great person to work with. He directs you in what to do and he is very thorough. I have never called him with a problem [that] he didn’t resolve.”

Why do you think you have remained at Flanigan for over 40 years?
SP: “Honestly, I would say that after talking with several other people in the industry over the years, I [have] decided for myself that this was the best place to work in the construction industry, and it still is.”

We just celebrated our 125th anniversary as a company; where do you see the company going in the next 125 years?
SP: “I think it will be one of the top, if not the top, construction companies in America. That’s what Pierce wants, and I think it will get there.”

It is the hard work and commitment of team members such as Sammy Prete that make the success of P. Flanigan & Sons possible, and we look forward to highlighting the story of other outstanding team members in the future.

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