Message from Pierce Flanigan

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Like many employees at P. Flanigan & Sons, the first position I held here was working as a laborer. I enjoyed the opportunity of working with several crews across the span of a few years and learned quite a bit from this division of the construction industry.

Firstly, I learned that working as a laborer is a very fulfilling job. The work is engaging and when the day is going well, you have a great feeling of accomplishment.

I also learned that while the job is physical, training and experience can greatly reduce the demands on your body.  The proper tools and techniques ensure that your work day is healthy and safe.  At P. Flanigan & Sons, we provide employees with the right tools to complete all tasks in a safe and productive manner.

Another truism that became apparent to me is that the productivity of the company is very much in the hands of the laborers. An experienced laborer will ensure that a job site is safe and efficient.

Our customers frequently comment to me about the exceptional laborers they have gotten to know on our work sites. Good customer service is one of our core competencies and is essential from all employees at all levels of the company. Teamwork between the laborers and customers is essential to our success and the opportunity for future partnerships with these customers.

At P. Flanigan & Sons we value our laborers.  Through our partnership with LIUNA, all laborers have fair wages, health insurance and a retirement plan.  Laborers at our company have many different career paths that they can pursue.  We treat all employees at P. Flanigan & Sons with respect and dignity.  I know that success is not possible without a motivated and engaged group of laborers.

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