Lock Out / Tag Out Safety Program

Friday, January 18th, 2013

When temperatures are below 50 degrees, asphalt and concrete construction is limited. We take advantage of this slower time by performing preventative maintenance on our plants and equipment during the winter. This maintenance ensures that we will experience minimal down time during the construction season.

Safety is a daily topic of conversation at P. Flanigan & Sons. One of the most important safety programs is the Lock Out /Tag Out program that we have developed and implemented over the years.  This program ensures the safety of everyone working on or around the equipment that is being serviced.

Lock Out / Tag Out is a safety procedure that is used to ensure that machines are completely shut off and not started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work. It requires that all power sources be “isolated and rendered inoperative” before any repair procedure is started.

Employees follow these procedures to perform Lock Out / Tag Out:

  • The switch, circuit breaker, valve or any other control mechanism must be put in a safe or off position.
  • A device is placed over it to secure it in that position.
  • A lock is attached so that the equipment or system cannot be energized or activated.
  • A tag is attached indicating the date the tag was placed and the person who applied it.

P. Flanigan & Sons employees receive annual training on the Lock Out / Tag Out Procedures, as well as reminders throughout the year though our Safety Tool Box Talk Program.

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